• Adam shot my wedding in the Dominican Republic (that’s me in the black and white!) and we were thrilled- I’d get married again just to have him take more pictures 😉 I can’t tell you what we were pleased with more- the photographs or the person. He helped us to feel confident and relaxed while we trusted his guidance to capture some amazing photos. When our wedding party decided we were going to jump in the pool, Adam was right there– literally– swim suite, camera and all. Worth every penny! – Kathryn B.


  • HANDS DOWN, Adam Kealing is THE BEST! When trying to decide on a photographer to take our engagement photo’s, I did all kinds of research to ensure we found the perfect photographer for us and what we were looking for. When looking at Adam’s incredible website, I can remember saying to myself “I would be the happiest bride in the world if he could do our photo’s!” Not only is he incredible to work with, he made the entire process smooth, easy, and FUN! His incredible eye resulted in the most beautiful, unique and one of a kind photo’s we or any of our friends and family had ever seen! He even won an award from a photograph from our shoot! Our photo’s have been the talk of the town ever since and I still can’t believe they are ours! Use him, you will not regret it! – Alyssa D.


  • We stumbled upon Adam’s work online when looking for wedding photographers that don’t produce the cookie cutter, run of the mill stuff. We wanted someone with a unique visual perspective and his portfolio is absolutely stunning. We ended up hiring Adam for both our wedding and engagement photos which is highly recommended as the package deal saves you money.Our first impression of Adam was that he was like an old friend, super easy going and very laid back, and made the experience of taking photos enjoyable and fun.  It’s worth mentioning that he was very punctual to both our wedding and the engagement shots. At the engagement shoot, he came up with some very unique locations. Our engagement photos turned out to be so beautiful and unique, that we used quite a few photos for the design of our wedding website, save the date, and invitations.He exceeded our exceptions. He captured the beauty and raw essence of our wedding from beginning to end. He was so professional, detail-oriented, and focused as he took photos of everything we asked for and more, including capturing each special moment shared and every single one of our guests and family. He even stayed a little longer than needed to capture photos of us leaving the venue to our limo. We were so pleased with his work that we were glad we didn’t spend money on a videographer because he captured everything. In addition, we even opted for the photo booth option, which was quite a hit amongst our guests. Once it was all said and done he showed up at our house with a bottle of Jameson and this amazing bamboo box filled with his favorite shots in 4×6 format along with a bamboo USB drive with all the hi res versions. Our jaws dropped at his thoughtfulness and final presentation of the deliverables.Adam is extremely talented and his photos are a work of art. It is because of his photos, the feel and experience of our wedding will be forever remembered. We are very thankful! If you’re looking for a photographer, look no further. Adam is it! – Nick N.


  • So 5 stars is something I am actually not a fan of on Yelp because what could really be “perfect”? Celebratory days, especially ones that get built up as much as wedding days, always have their imperfections and unexpected changes. With this in mind, you can still see that I have given Adam 5 stars. Why, you ask?1. LGBTQ ally: My wife and I (two lovely ladies) were looking for an inclusive photography vendor that recognized our relationship for what it was (amazing, complicated, etc. like everyone else) and didn’t cause us/them any pause with romantic/intimate moments. After all, we were paying the bill. Well…not only did we find two highly skilled photographers (he often works with an equally amazing photographer, if that is what you are looking for) but they were MUCH MORE than a “vendor.”2. Don’t mess with perfection: Adam has a magnetic personality and very much became part of the celebration/family. His style is one that we fell in love with immediately, and his process for getting to know us and our vision only helped enhance the planning and day-of experience. We had a “destination wedding” and so we initially connected via Skype before booking (to make sure all of our personalities meshed and we understood his style and process… don’t try to fiddle with his process. It works!). They then took the extra step of meeting in person when we happened to be in the same city at the same time.3. Did we just have an amazing, platonic one night stand?: Get ready to recommend him to everyone who is looking for a photographer. I was able to see him again at a friends’ wedding since they fell in love with our documented memories and now have AMAZING ones of their own. In some ways, he will leave your wedding and you will feel like you just had the most amazing one night stand, so for my wife and I, it was great to reconnect at our friends’ wedding and feel like time had not passed.4. Put your worries aside: He is reliable, fun, magically invisible yet magically not, and your guests will love him!We still have not put together our album (married in 2013) because the images evoke so many deep emotions… and there are so many breathtaking shots! We also cannot determine our favorites for framing, so for now we enjoy them electronically… which doesn’t do them justice, I know. – Jessica E.


  • Adam is INCREDIBLE!!!! His work tops anything else I have ever come across. He has the natural ability to seek out and capture moments that most photographers wouldn’t even think to. He is a master with lighting and has incredible perspective with whatever or whoever is in his frame. I LOVED that he was willing and able to travel out of state. He is professional, funny, sweet and works efficiently. He is speedy with editing photos and makes sure they are complete in a timely manner. I loved everything about my pictures and I even like to look at his website frequently to take a look at his latest work because it is always priceless. It’s no wonder Adam comes highly recommended by so many people! I will be referring all of my friends/family who have upcoming events to Adam. He is the BEST!!!!!!!! – Megan H.


  • When it came to choosing a photographer for our wedding my wife and I were very “particular” about what we wanted. We had looked at so many options throughout the United States before finding Adam Kealing. The second we landed on his site we both were like: WOAH! It was a style that was as unique as both of our personalities. My wife and I can be pretty shy in front of a camera and Adam made us feel so comfortable, it’s as if we had known him for years! Bottom line, Adam is extremely fun, laid back, and his work went far beyond our expectations! If you decide to hire him, trust me… You’re photographs will be amazing! – Colin K.