There’s something about being an Austin engagement photographer and a carnival is so magical, it’s something that makes adults act like kids again.  There’s something about those “pop up” carnivals – the kind that set up in less than a day and then pack up mysteriously overnight-that have an extra dear place in our hearts.  Maybe it’s the thought that it could be gone tomorrow, or the extra fear factor (wait, how quickly was this rusty ride set up?) but those seem a little extra sparkly.  In brainstorming unique engagement photo ideas for Claire and Michael, and being an Austin engagement photographer, we decided on the carnival as the perfect location. These two seem to have fun wherever they go, and the lights and the excitement seemed to match the feel of New Orleans (the 24 hr carnival!) where they’ll be getting hitched next October! In true pop-up carnival fashion, our original choice packed up and left days before our shoot but we managed to track down another in Dripping Springs, there for only 2 days in celebration of the city’s Founder’s Day Festival, complete with parade and all.  What a sight it was, and these two were the perfect pair to hang out with there.  Despite the mob of people and unpredictable rides, Claire and Michael couldn’t have been more relaxed and I’m excited to share some favorite ever photos of their engagement session.  Thank you Claire and Michael for being wonderful! 

Some images by Sarah Doliver

Austin Engagement Photographer