Adam shot my wedding in the Dominican Republic (that’s me in the pool!) and we were thrilled- I’d get married again just to have him take more pictures I can’t tell you what we were pleased with more- the photographs or the person. He helped us to feel confident and relaxed while we trusted his guidance to capture some amazing photos. When our wedding party decided we were going to jump in the pool, Adam was right there– literally– swim suite, camera and all. Worth every penny! – Kathryn B.


Adam isn't just a wedding photographer, he is truly one of the most inspirational and talented of artists in his field. I am so honored that he photographed our wedding (and also engagement photo session). The photos for both the engagement session and the wedding are incredible. We're so fortunate to have the problem of having a hard time deciding what shots to get printed.

We initially found out about Adam from an ah-mazing post on a wedding blog. I was completely floored by the work. Most wedding / engagement photographers relied on filters / aftereffects or cheesy poses to make their photos cute. Adam, on the other hand, understands how to capture moments. He waits for the right time to take the shot. He compose frames beautifully. He uses natural lighting in a way that inspires you. In other words, he knows his sh*t and you can trust that he will knock that sh*t out of the park.

Advice to any couples looking into the engagement session photos: It's TOTALLY worth it! At the wedding, you won't have time to even think. The wedding went by so quickly and it was such a blur that we didn't have time to enjoy the time we had with Adam to take just newly married couple photos. The engagement session was an entire afternoon and was super fun and Adam is totally awesome to work with.

Getting excellent wedding photographers was a high priority for us. Knowing that the photos will last forever and are really the only things you actually keep with you long after the wedding is over - we made sure to budget for excellent photographers. Simply put, hiring Adam was absolutely worth every f-ing penny. - Jane P.


My husband and I could not have been happier with the photos from our wedding. We got married in 2014 on a small island off of Puerto Rico. As you may know a destination wedding is stressful enough that worrying about a photographer was the last thing we wanted. We got a recommendation from a friend and everything else was smooth sailing until the end. The pictures were completely original and not contrived or posed. Adam even won a couple awards for the pictures he took at our wedding. He scaled rocks and danced through the the night in the name of getting the perfect shot. He planned all of our shoot locations on the island by researching ahead of time and always had a plan A and plan B. We completely trusted him. He was also completely professional throughout our whole wedding. There were many times i completely forgot he was even there but i have the photos to prove he didn't miss a moment. I highly recommend Adam. - Jamie L.


Adam cares so deeply about the work he does--it's clear that the moments and the people he captures in his photographs are as important to him as they are to us!  My husband and I immediately found this to be true the moment we met him.  He was able to capture a special moment in our lives in such a real but beautiful, powerful way--we consider ourselves truly fortunate to now have, and cherish, his pieces of art.  Adam genuinely invests his always positive energy, big heart, will do whatever it takes to get that great shot attitude into every interaction we've had with him.  And, although I'm incredibly uncomfortable in front of a camera, Adam has a rare quality of making you feel at ease and able to appreciate the moment.  He is so fun, super kind, truly talented, dedicated, and a professional in his field.  Highly recommend Adam Kealing Photography! - Amy C.


Adam Kealing's product is far above all of the others we looked at. From the first time we met with Adam and all the way through to the end of the wedding, he was nothing but professional and friendly.

Everyone has a "planned" budget and sometimes there are items on the wedding list that you feel you need to spend a little more on and sacrifice others - this is the item to splurge a little!

In the beginning, his portfolio truly separated him from the rest of the pack. Then you hope that he isn't just showing you a select highlight reel and that it will truly represent the product that you will get in the end. No doubt our wedding pictures were exactly as advertised! Adam doesn't take pictures, he captures moments. His eye for catching the right people at the right time in the right place is incredible. Also, when Adam starts getting creative, go with the flow. His spontaneity will really pay off!.

We had both our engagement and wedding pictures done by Adam and we even rented his photo booth which turned out to be a huge hit as it captured an entire different side our our guests.

Corey and I are extremely happy for all of the memories Adam captured. Not only was it money well spent, but we gained a great friend as well. - Mark F.


We stumbled upon Adam's work online when looking for wedding photographers that don't produce the cookie cutter, run of the mill stuff. We wanted someone with a unique visual perspective and his portfolio is absolutely stunning. We ended up hiring Adam for both our wedding and engagement photos which is highly recommended as the package deal saves you money.

Our first impression of Adam was that he was like an old friend, super easy going and very laid back, and made the experience of taking photos enjoyable and fun. It's worth mentioning that he was very punctual to both our wedding and the engagement shots. At the engagement shoot, he came up with some very unique locations. Our engagement photos turned out to be so beautiful and unique, that we used quite a few photos for the design of our wedding website, save the date, and invitations.

He exceeded our exceptions. He captured the beauty and raw essence of our wedding from beginning to end. He was so professional, detail-oriented, and focused as he took photos of everything we asked for and more, including capturing each special moment shared and every single one of our guests and family. He even stayed a little longer than needed to capture photos of us leaving the venue to our limo. We were so pleased with his work that we were glad we didn't spend money on a videographer because he captured everything. In addition, we even opted for the photo booth option, which was quite a hit amongst our guests. Once it was all said and done he showed up at our house with a bottle of Jameson and this amazing bamboo box filled with his favorite shots in 4x6 format along with a bamboo USB drive with all the hi res versions. Our jaws dropped at his thoughtfulness and final presentation of the deliverables.

Adam is extremely talented and his photos are a work of art. It is because of his photos, the feel and experience of our wedding will be forever remembered. We are very thankful! If you're looking for a photographer, look no further. Adam is it! - Nick N.