Some things just feel like magic, and being a New Orleans wedding photographer for this event was just that.  Renee and Nick combined the nostalgia of the 20’s with the intimacy of a small destination wedding, with their free spirited & anything goes mentality.  Some weddings inspire us with over the top decor. Others just by sheer size, but this one lit us up with it’s simplicity and style. Not to mention the warmth we felt from each and every guest there.  This Gatsby themed wedding was one of the greats, with everyone at this New Orleans wedding participating.  Adam and I agreed that each of us felt like we’d stepped into Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, really experiencing a true 1920’s New Orleans wedding.  The Marigny Opera house, a bit off the French Quarter was the perfect backdrop, and added to the authentic atmosphere.  Still, even with the unique style, food, music, and setting of this wedding, what stands out the most is the people.  More like friends than clients, and more like family than friends even, we have a special place in our hearts for Renee and Nick, and feel grateful to have been a part of this one of a kind evening.

Photos by Adam Kealing and Sarah Doliver

Written by Sarah Doliver

New Orleans Wedding Photographer